Jocelyn Cohen
Community Work & Projects
2006 – Present    Group lead, Merritt College Pruning Club. Living Library, San Francisco and
                               The Living Laboratory, Bishop O’Dowd High School, Oakland, native tree projects.
2005 – Present    Urban Forest Council, City of San Francisco Advisory body to the Mayor and Board
                                of Supervisors concerning comprehensive urban forest plans and priorities.
2004 – Present    Pruning, Merritt College Pruning Club. Assist with pruning trees at a wide variety
                                of public gardens and institutions.
2002 – Present    Docent, East Bay Regional Parks Botanic Garden at Tilden, California native plants.
                               Specialize in tours about trees. Teach classes on pruning California natives.
2000 – Present  Board of Directors, San Francisco Tree Council. A nonprofit organization.
2003–Present        Consulting Arborist, Aesthetic Pruning & Landscape Designer, Proprietor DBA,        
                                 Poetree Landscapes & Arboriculture. Consult with individuals and neighborhood
                                 groups on tree care, protection and preservation of urban trees. Prepare landscape
                                 designs for residential gardens emphasizing plant health care and drought tolerant
                                 planting, aesthetic pruning & tree restoration.
2001 – 2002           WG-7 Gardener, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, National Park Service.
                               Responsible for garden maintenance in the 21 acre Sutro Heights Historic Park
                                and surrounding areas. Only qualified arborist on crew.
1999 – 2000            Senior Planning Information Architect,, Santa Clara, CA e-commerce
                                service provider. Responsible for website planning and user interface.
1998 – 1999          Project Management & Consultant, Design & Consulting for Online Projects

                                 Clients include:
                                 • National Endowment for the Humanities in conjunction with Jennie Lew
                                Productions: Designed user interface and the look & feel for "Living Widows
                                & Paper Sons" demo website, a distance learning online experience focusing
                                on American Immigration surrounding the Chinese Exclusion Act Era.
                                • San Francisco Tree Council: Produced and designed the San Francisco Tree Council
                                website, Bay Area community action group advocating policies and legislation to    
                                preserve trees and extend the green canopy.
1992-1998                Producer & Product Director, Convivial Design, Inc. San Francisco, CA
                                Interactive multimedia research, design and development studio. Lead designer and
                                art director for interactive CD-ROM products including science prototypes for
                                children and environmental projects in conjunction with National Audubon Society.
1976-89                    Land Caretaker, Indiana countryside. Restored and reforested 12 acres of depleted
                                farmland which included planting over 700 trees in conjunction with the U.S. Forest
                                Service; revitalized an abandoned field to a meadow with naturalized plants and
                                transition zones for insects, birds and animals in consultation with the U.S. Fish &
                                Wildlife Department; installed one acre pond with assistance from Soil, Water &
                                Conservation Program (USDA).
1973-89                     Director & Co-founder, Helaine Victoria Press, Inc., Indiana.
                                Nonprofit educational organization specializing in researching, publishing, printing
                                and distributing materials (mostly postcards) on women's history. Responsibilities
                                included design and production, research, writing, organizing educational programs
                                in the community, supervising staff and leading board meetings.