Jocelyn Cohen‘s
Verification of Experience
Teaching takes many forms and through my work I have always had teaching components both on a one to one basis and in the classroom. As Director of Helaine Victoria Press, I trained interns on how to run a printing press, as well as on many aspects of business. I taught numerous day and week workshops with my job in high-end computer graphics and multimedia. More recently, I have been teaching pruning classes. Although my involvement with the Urban Forest Council does not involve teaching, I must speak before committees, department heads and the Board of Supervisors. These formal and spontaneous presentations afford me the opportunity to be confident and comfortable in front of groups, a necessary component to teaching.
I have always bridged disciplines: a visual artist who enjoys writing, an urban dweller who becomes a free spirit in the forest, and an arborist who sees the whole forest through the trees; an aesthetic pruner who also applies the science of arboriculture, a student who thirsts for more, and a teacher who loves to share my passion and expertise with others so they too can go out in the world and do the work they love.
2007            Master Garden Seminar, Presentation, “Pruning California Native Trees & Shrubs”
2007            Aesthetic Pruning Symposium, “Out of the Box,” Merritt College. Workshop,        
                    “Pruning Natives in Containers.”
2006-7        Regional Parks Botanic Garden, Teach classes in pruning California native trees and shrubs.
2006            Presentation at City Hall, San Francisco “Sidewalk Pocket Park Gardens.”
1994 & 95    Center for Creative Imaging, Camden, Maine. Instructor in interactive multi-media.
30 Years Teaching Experience
2007              “Off to a Good Start – Selecting and Pruning Young Plants for Our Native Gardens,”
                    Manzanita, fall issue
2006           “Pruning Natives for Health & Aesthetics in Our California Gardens,” Manzanita,
                    published by the Friends of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden
2006            “Aesthetic Pruning & Garden Design,” published by Journal for the Association of
                         Professional Landscape Designer